ColdFusion 8 introduced the tag that can be used to build Connect style Flash based presentations. The CFML tags provide some control over the UI, but earlier today I was asked about how to better control the default player colors and look. The colors and fonts and more are defined in a file named vconfig.xml in the /coldfusion8/lib/preso folder, and this file can be edited if needed. And many of the entries are clearly named making it easy to tweak them (although, of course, back up the original before doing so).

4 thoughts

  1. cool.
    a collection of colours, labels, their fonts and sizes. Also a lot of "switches" to turn certain functionality off and on.
    that’s getting there, for sure.
    thanks Ben

  2. Is there any way to stylize the containing page that’s generated? I can’t figure out a way to get the ugly 5 pixel-ish white border around the .swf to disappear, or to configure which fonts should be aliased and which shouldn’t. I noticed in this config file you mention there’s not any place to boolean aliasing on or off or denote the embedding of the fonts for nonstandard ones.

  3. I just did. Pop this line into the end of the loadflash.js file after document.write( s ) in that config directory and it should work on all browsers. = "0px";

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