ColdFusion 8 Is a Codie Finalist

The Codie Awards were established by the Software Publishers Association (SPA), now the Software & Information Industry Association (SIIA), and are the only peer-recognition awards program of its kind in the industry, providing a unique opportunity for companies to earn the praise of their competitors. The Codie Awards program, now in its twenty-first year, remains the standard-bearer for celebrating outstanding achievement and vision in our industry. ColdFusion 8 is nominated as a finalist in the “Best Web Services Solution” category. Other Adobe finalists are LiveCycle Rights Management ES, Captivate 3, and Acrobat Connect Professional.

3 responses to “ColdFusion 8 Is a Codie Finalist”

  1. Adam Cameron Avatar
    Adam Cameron

    How seriously can one take these awards when the DB finalists include FileMaker (snigger), but not Oracle (or even MS SQL Server)?
    It looks like serious players in the industry completely ignore them (which says something), and it’s the realm of the also-rans.
    Accodingly I’m not sure it’s a *good* thing that CF gets mentioned with this lot.
    Then again "any publicity is better than no publicity" (to paraphrase Oscar Wilde), I suppose.


  2. :) Avatar

    this is right up there with a Webbie!

  3. Tucson Web Design Avatar
    Tucson Web Design

    Coldfusion 8 looks amazing, I am very excited to upgrade my servers from the version 6.1 and 7 I am currently running. I am sure you will win many more awards in the future with this great product!

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