ColdFusion 8 is doing incredibly well, and we’ve been growing the team to support the increase in demand and interest. As noted previously, we have dedicated ColdFusion account managers in the U.S., we’ve added a full time ColdFusion Evangelist in Adam Lehman, and also brought on Josh Adams as an SE to support ColdFusion sales. And we are not done yet. We have immediate openings for dedicated ColdFusion Account Managers in Europe (preferably located in the U.K., Benelux, or Germany). The ideal candidate will have prior sales experience, experience with ColdFusion and the ColdFusion community, and must be willing to travel extensively throughout the region. Interested? Ping Kristen Schofield or myself.

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  1. Hello Ben,
    somewhat unrelated, but we never know: a company I am contracting for has an open position for a CF developer in Paris, France. Mostly intranet work with the chance to play with cool technologies on very active systems.
    They have had poor success with the usual posting. There is no CFUG in Paris (as far as I know). Are you aware of any CF community effort in France that would help find candidates?
    And… if you are a CF dev reading this from Paris, contact me at

  2. I do not use CF. Why? because there are not enough CF hosting companies in France! Please don’t forget us. We need CF solutions in France (I am bored with php).

  3. Good decision :). European CF Account Managers (or Account managers that take ColdFusion seriously) are much needed IMHO. Hopefully this is not too late…

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