You probably know that Flex Builder is free for students. But did you know that we could drop by to present Flex and AIR? If you organize a school event with a minimum of 200 students, we’ll come and present Flex and Adobe AIR at your school, and pay for the pizza and drinks. See the – Flex for Students and Faculty page for details.

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  1. Ben,
    If you purchased Flex Builder 2 and Flex 2 Charting separately, are you eligible for the $299 upgrade to Flex Builder 3 Professional?

  2. Any word on what’s happening with licensing for EDU staff as we move towards Flex Builder 3? FB2 was affordable for us and the institution but so far no word on whether Flex Builder 3 will remain a viable option for us to use given EDU budgets.

  3. In the Coldfusion Community Toolbar for Firefox, the title of this blog post is displayed as "Have Us Visit Your School Armed"! Ooops, probably not your desired intention 🙂

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