ColdFusion Verity Language Pack Available

The ColdFusion Verity language packs and standalone installer are now available for download. Verity Search Packs enable ColdFusion (8, 7, and MX) applications to index and search European and Asian languages. The standalone installer allows Verity to be installed on a machine separate from the server running ColdFusion.

2 responses to “ColdFusion Verity Language Pack Available”

  1. noname Avatar

    If a new version of Verity comes out (not sure if there is one), can we upgrade verity to the lastest intsall? Will adobe provide a seperate install, or will there be a free upgrade commulative installer of some sort?
    Does Verity exists anymore? Or has it been bought?
    More curious then anything else, thanks.

  2. Scott Avatar

    How do you upgrade verity on CF 8? Is there a more powerful or a more feature rich version?
    Anything on the horizon for CF 9?

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