Checking In From Atlanta

Last night’s Flex / AIR Pre-Release Tour presentation to the Adobe Developers of Greater Orlando group went really well. And tonight we do it again in Atlanta (well, I am in Atlanta, but others on the team are presenting in Zürich, Paris, Philadelphia, Phoenix, Portland, and San Jose – all today). Right now I am parked in one of my many regional offices (aka Starbucks). The full tour location list is online.

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  1. David Strube Avatar
    David Strube

    Thanks for the very informative presentation. Can you give links directly to the following AIR apps you showed:
    1- Realfinder(?) the yahoo maps /google maps mashup
    2- The desktop scribbler
    3-’s AIR app (Their website is terribly hard to navigate and find anything)

  2. Ben Forta Avatar
    Ben Forta

    1 and 2 are on 3 is not quite publicly available yet, stay tuned.
    — Ben

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