InfoQ On Flex Frameworks

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  1. Clint Avatar

    Maybe it’s just me, but it seems that frameworks get in the way of just good OO architectural developement. Ever since programming, I learn the language and then apply good architecture practices with OO and MVC etc.. Basically creating my own custom framework as I go.
    Maybe there are plenty of arguments but anything I see developed in any framework, I could have developed it as well my way, and it would be a lot less complexed. Frameworks seem to add a layer of complexity on top of a complexed solution. As for a learning curve, to come behind and manage a project, you have to learn the framework architecture then the application architecture.
    They way I see it, doing away with frameworks would force everyone to adhere to good basic architecture practices based on the core of language independent programming arcitectures such as MVC and OO. So many frameworks just mucking up the soup and no one can cook up a consistant meal.
    There are good things about frameworks I know, I’ve used them, I now the pros and cons. But I would still rather we have to conform to rock solid standard proven architectures as at least a basis and then we can all talk the same language. Is it just because developers are too lazy to learn proper architecture that frameworks have evolved and flurished? My programming is very well organized, thanks any ways.

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