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  1. Ben,
    I’ve filled in the survey, but there’s something that I feel needs saying that isn’t really covered: Please please please don’t turn CF into a language full of "gimmicky" tags that do all sorts of things for minorities, please please please spend the time instead improving the base platform, possibly ECMA-izing CFScript, or allowing actionscript coding.

  2. Ben,
    I’ve filled in the survey – I just wanted to respond to the deep php integration people.
    from my point of view the best bit of cf8 were language features:
    array loops, file loops, ++, –. new file functions, these are cool.
    The adobe-ware: pdfs, presentations, still left field me. They work, and they’re very clever, but there never normally important to what I develop.
    Please dont integrate with php, ruby, .net, or a.n.other language – what the point?
    If I want to develop in PHP… i’m probably going to use… PHP.

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