Two More ColdFusion Surveys

As part of our “Centaur” planning, please fill in the ColdFusion 8 Features Used survey and the ColdFusion Platform And Vendors survey. And the more respondents the better, so forward these URLs to every CF developer you know.

6 responses to “Two More ColdFusion Surveys”

  1. injun #576871 Avatar
    injun #576871

    Hi Ben!
    Thanks for surveys! It would be great if adobe release deep php integration! 🙂

  2. Neil Middleton Avatar
    Neil Middleton

    I’ve filled in the survey, but there’s something that I feel needs saying that isn’t really covered: Please please please don’t turn CF into a language full of "gimmicky" tags that do all sorts of things for minorities, please please please spend the time instead improving the base platform, possibly ECMA-izing CFScript, or allowing actionscript coding.

  3. batterybbs Avatar

    good,its very useful.thank you for that It would be great if adobe release deep php integration

  4. crash Avatar

    What is php????

  5. Joel Stobart Avatar
    Joel Stobart

    I’ve filled in the survey – I just wanted to respond to the deep php integration people.
    from my point of view the best bit of cf8 were language features:
    array loops, file loops, ++, –. new file functions, these are cool.
    The adobe-ware: pdfs, presentations, still left field me. They work, and they’re very clever, but there never normally important to what I develop.
    Please dont integrate with php, ruby, .net, or a.n.other language – what the point?
    If I want to develop in PHP… i’m probably going to use… PHP.

  6. Avery Avatar

    thanks Ben,nice survey.

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