In anticipation of the upcoming Flex 3 and AIR launches, the Adobe Platform Evangelist team is taking part in a massive usergroup road-show. I’ll be presenting sessions in Orlando, Atlanta, Raleigh, and Nashville, and presenters in other locations include Adam Lehman, Andrew Shorten, Danny Dura, Dave Gruber (an honorary evangelist for the occasion), Duane Nickull, Enrique Duvos, James Ward, Kevin Hoyt, Mike Potter, Ryan Stewart, Serge Jespers, Ted Patrick, and Tim Buntel. And this is not just U.S.A. and Canada, we also have events throughout Europe, and more locations are going to be added (Australia is being scheduled right now, and I’ll be in Brazil at a later date). This is your chance to see and hear about the exciting new releases of Flex 3 and AIR, plus we’ll be giving away some special Flex and AIR branded goodies (as well as free software – Flex Builder 3 Professional and CS3 Web Premium). The full list of venues and dates is online.

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