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  1. The survey leaves out one of the most important features… speed. Dreamweaver and Eclipse have always been so lethargic.

  2. I agree that some very important features are left off the survey. Sometimes it makes me feel like there were very few CFStudio gurus. That IDE sold ColdFusion… and the IDE added a few bills to the picture! (I would like CFE to stay on the market for free… heh, but seriously the tool is better for geeks than for new developers.) We should IMO start with CFStudio as the base and look at things that CFE and DW have added to the mix.
    Things I would like to see added that were not in CFStudio…
    + XML editor
    + CFC Introspection, code hinting
    + Source Control
    + (Macros expanded to ANT like abilities, Unit Testing, etc.)
    + Restoring Debugger (Yes, I used it.)
    + Compare (Now this would be BIG)
    + Interface for CFAdmin
    + Extensibility layers (for plug-in tools)
    + Frameworks support (This one may not be an immediate, but it should be looked at and built so it’s not limited.)
    + Flex/AIR (LiveCycle type services support) NOTE: No need to sacrifice this to write the Flex/AIR… just give us the CF side
    + Unit Testing integration

  3. If you’re going to make a debugger for this guy, please make it usable. The debugger plugin for eclipse is simply too buggy/slow/featureless to be useful. It needs a stack trace, better on-the-fly evaluation, run-to-line, etc. Please take notes from the way Visual Studio does it in ASP.NET – this is a very nice implementation of a web debugger.

  4. I just wish Adobe would make Homesite open source. It has stagnated for years. But even without any advances, I still prefer HS over every other editor. I just added that to the survey.

  5. Steve… as long as work was put into it that would be a great solution IMO. I would like to see more than that for sure but that would be a great step ahead.

  6. John-
    Who knows if anything would come of opening up HS, but nothing has happened with it in years anyway. I just can’t see how Adobe is making ANY money on HS not having improved it at all. Seems to me they should either scrap it or put the codebase on an SVN server for the remaining few of us that use it.

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