ColdFusion Helps Huckabee Take The GOP Lead

Ok, so the title may be a bit of a stretch. 😉 But … without venturing into political specifics, it is cool to see that GOP front runner Mike Huckabee is using ColdFusion (and Fusebox) to power his website! Thanks to Prayank Swaroop for pointing this one out.

7 responses to “ColdFusion Helps Huckabee Take The GOP Lead”

  1. Dan Avatar

    NICE! Go GOP and go CF!

  2. cbg Avatar

    another reson for me to move to a LAMP Stack

  3. David Avatar

    …is that an endorsement Ben :-p

  4. Ben Forta Avatar
    Ben Forta

    Which is why I said "without venturing into political specifics" 😉
    — Ben

  5. BRD Avatar

    You know they have a sweet custom tag called CF_CURBSPENDING…

  6. CDS Avatar

    I heard Diebold uses the CF_RigElection tag extensively…

  7. Tyler Clendenin Avatar
    Tyler Clendenin

    Actually, more specifically, the site is using MyOpenbox, a Fusebox derivative.

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