RIAForge Wins A CFeMmy

The 2007 CFeMmys have been announced, and RIAForge has won for Best Community Site. Ray Camden gets much of the credit for this one, as he did the bulk of the work creating RIAForge and continues to do all maintenance and management. Still, as RIAForge was my idea (and I was the one who roped Ray in and helped arrange some funding for the project) I can’t help but be proud, too.
Oh, and our own Kristen Schofield (ColdFusion’s new Product Marketing Manager) tied for Best Newcomer (CF Blog that started in 2007).

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  1. Adrian Lynch Avatar
    Adrian Lynch

    And I feel proud that I sent you subliminal messages that time I saw you speak in London… remember? No! Oh… ok…
    On a seriously note, it’s a worthy winner.

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