eWeek: RoR2 Catches Up With ColdFusion Development Speed

eWeek has a story on user reactions to Ruby on Rails 2.0. It contains the following quote (from a Baltimore based software development company): “We are engaged to build the Johns Hopkins Clinical Research Management System, and after experimenting with the usual suspects – J2EE [Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition], .Net, MDA [model-driven architecture], PHP, ColdFusion – we found that only RoR provided the development speed of PHP or ColdFusion with the powerful functionality and maintainability of J2EE or .Net.”.
Of course, one has to wonder why they waited – if they wanted the “development speed” of ColdFusion and the “powerful functionality and maintainability of J2EE”, well, that’s called ColdFusion (as of CFMX in 2002)!
But, that aside, I must admit that I like seeing ColdFusion recognized as helping to define the benchmark for “development speed”.

5 responses to “eWeek: RoR2 Catches Up With ColdFusion Development Speed”

  1. 6dust Avatar

    "development speed of PHP or ColdFusion"
    Odd quote. I would definitely not put PHP on the same level as CF for development speed…

  2. phill.nacelli Avatar

    I wonder if this is still a side effect of how people used to think about ColdFusion, faster development, and most of them have not kept up with all the great new features and coding maturity that have made the last 3-4 years really exciting for us CF developers. Does ColdFusion need a boost on its image as being a enterprise level solution and not just a quick development/prototyping solution? What do you think?

  3. Ben Forta Avatar
    Ben Forta

    Oh, I agree. But this is not a CF vs. PHP post. So opted not to address that one here.
    — Ben

  4. Joshua Curtiss Avatar
    Joshua Curtiss

    That’s a good positive way to look at it.. your point about CF being recognized as a benchmark for rapid development.

  5. David McGuigan Avatar
    David McGuigan

    Pretty sure they were listing PHP in there as a joke. They probably assumed everyone would get it. I sure did.

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