Samsung BlackJack II Update

I mentioned the Samsung BlackJack II a week or so ago, and I stand my most of my original comments. With one big exception:
My biggest complaint with the original BlackJack was a lousy Bluetooth restriction whereby only one paired device could be active at a time. You could pair as many devices as you want, but to switch from one to the other (as in from car to headset) you need to go through menus and activate the other! This is a major flaw, and Samsung told me (both online and in a call to their customer support line) that the BlackJack II had the same restriction.
But, in fact, this is not the case! The screens are the same, and there is still the SET option to select which one is active, but I discovered (by mistake) that when my car was set as active the headset still worked!
Whether this was an intentional improvement or not, this seals it for me. I’m keeping the BlackJack II (until I find a better phone).

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  1. Pedro Carabeo-Nieva Avatar
    Pedro Carabeo-Nieva

    Ben, as I mentioned before, go for the Sprint Mogul! and also, take a look at the Nokia N810 internet tablet if you’re interested in a MID (Mobile Internet Device) gadget which also sports a VOIP phone + Mobile Video Conferencing. You can pair the N810 to any bluetooth phone with a data plan and that’s a killer combination which still fits in your pocket. Check those two options out, Nokia N810 and/or Sprint / HTC Mogul

  2. KEVIN BENORE Avatar

    He probably does not choose the Sprint Mogul because is phone is with AT&T.

  3. Ben Forta Avatar
    Ben Forta

    Kevin, correct.
    Pedro, I need a GSM phone, and Sprint is not GSM (which would make using the phone out of the US a big pain).
    — Ben

  4. Matt Avatar

    My biggest disappointment was STILL no WiFi. Also, 3G really sucks the batt.

  5. John Farrar Avatar
    John Farrar

    So… could someone do a review on phones that will work with laptops and that run the full Flash Lite features?

  6. dave Avatar

    I like Samsung BlackJack,But wifi is not good in china,I recommend it in

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