Brio Is On Labs

“Brio” is the codename for the preview of the next generation of Adobe Acrobat Connect. Brio is a web meeting service built with collaboration in mind for individual professionals and small businesses. With Brio, you can instantly communicate and collaborate through an easy-to-use, easy-to-access online personal meeting room. And Brio is now on Labs.

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  1. Raymond Camden Avatar
    Raymond Camden

    Ben – any good URL that describes what is new? The main page you linked too doesn’t list what is new about it. At least not from what I see.

  2. Peldi Avatar

    Hi Raymond. From the "Product details" section of the BRIO beta site on labs:
    How is Brio different from Adobe Acrobat Connect?
    Brio is the next generation of Adobe Acrobat Connect. Additional features in Brio that are not in Adobe Acrobat Connect include:
    * Richer expression in the Chat Pod with sizes, colors, and emoticons.
    * Text layout controls in the Note Pod including bullets, size, and color.
    * Save as .doc file option for meeting Chat and Notes.
    * Upload files to distribute to your meeting participants.
    * Voice over IP option as an alternative to teleconferencing.
    * Right click menus.
    * Access to key meeting features while screen sharing with new palette.
    * Whiteboard Pod with option to save your work as a .png file.
    * Annotate over screen sharing using whiteboarding tools with option to save as your work as a .png file.
    * Personalized display images in the meeting attendee list.
    * Additional options (accept all and automatic room entry) for accepting attendees to a meeting.
    * New Role names (host, participant and audience) for attendees and more capabilities for participants making it easy to collaborate during meetings. Participants can now share their screen, enter notes, whiteboard automatically without being promoted to a presenter.

  3. RobW Avatar

    So, is Brio a lower end version of Connect Pro, and as such can we expect the cost to be much lower? It looks like a great product, I just know that Connect Pro was out of our price range. But a service limited to 3 participants might be more affordable.

  4. Raymond Camden Avatar
    Raymond Camden

    Wait a sec – I thought Brio was the new version. Is it a new product? A new edition instead?

  5. RobW Avatar

    Maybe I’m confusing the limitations of the beta with being a new, limited product. But it says:
    "Brio, the next generation of Acrobat Connect, enables professionals to conduct collaborative online meetings with up to three participants. Acrobat Connect Professional enables interactive web conferencing for small or large organizations, as well as web seminars, sales presentations, and online training for up to 1,500 participants. Acrobat Connect Professional is available for purchase via a flexible licensing model. "
    So it seems that Brio < Connect.

  6. RobW Avatar

    Okay, I figured out where I got confused now: Brio is the next version of Acrobat Connect. But Acrobat Connect is a scaled down version of Acrobat Connect Professional. I was comparing the wrong products. Sorry all.

  7. rudolf Avatar

    I just know that Connect Pro was out of our price range.

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