Congratulations To Mike Nimer And Crew

Mike Nimer was a key member of the ColdFusion team for a long time, ever since Allaire days. He is an expert on ColdFusion and Flex, as well as on using them together (he wrote the chapters on ColdFusion Flex integration in my new CFWACK Volume 2). Earlier this year he decided to launch his own company, together with Jeff Tapper (another of my contributing authors), to concentrate Rich Internet Application development, using Flex, AIR, ColdFusion, and more. And now Mike and Jeff have joined forces with Michael Labriola (another author!) of digital primates IT consulting group to create a company positioned to be a leader in the RIA space. I wish this talented bunch all the best on the new joint endeavor, and if you need RIA expertise, definitely consider these guys.

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    Where do I apply for a cutting edge position?

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