Excellent Ajaxian Post on CFGRID

Rey Bango has posted a great Ajaxian entry on Scott Bennett’s demonstrations of extending the ColdFusion 8 Ajax data grid.

4 responses to “Excellent Ajaxian Post on CFGRID”

  1. Scott Bennett Avatar
    Scott Bennett

    Wow. Ben Forta blogged about how Rey Bango blogged about something I blogged….. I’m half tempted to go blog about this right now to complete the circle =)

  2. Jason Avatar

    This has been submitted to DZONE already. make sure to visit and give it a thumbs up.

  3. Rey Bango Avatar
    Rey Bango

    Thanks for the mention Ben. It’s great to see people really extending CF8’s Ajax capabilities and hopefully this will attract more attention to how awesome CF8 is.

  4. Ben Forta Avatar
    Ben Forta

    Scott. While writing it I wondered if I should link to your posts directly. But, I did find the links via Rey’s posts, so … But yep, feel free to blog it and I’ll blog that. 🙂
    — Ben

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