Macworld Reviews ColdFusion 8

Macworld (in the UK) has posted a review of ColdFusion 8. And, the site (as well as the review page itself) is powered by ColdFusion. Cool!

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  1. Dale Fraser Avatar
    Dale Fraser

    I think its a reasonable although short review.
    Two points.
    1. They mention price which I understand.
    2. They mention the developer edition as a 30 day trial.
    But in reality.
    1. The standard edition has all the features of enterprise and is just limited in number of connections to certain tags and is a good starting point for most websites.
    2. The developer edition is NOT a 30 day trial, that is a different product again, the developer edition is unlimited in use but contains watermarks on PDF’s and Charts and is limited to the number of IP’s that can connect to it.
    Over the years there has been a lot of discussion on price etc. I think Adobe could fix this easily by changing some words.
    1. Get rid of the trial version
    2. Get rid of the developer version
    3. Add a free version
    Now the free version can be just the developer version with a different name, no changes what so ever. After all the developer version is Free and is just feature limited.

  2. Ben Forta Avatar
    Ben Forta

    Yes, I’ve already suggested that the writer make those corrections.
    As for future plans, we’re looking into all those options and more.
    — Ben

  3. Scott Bennett Avatar
    Scott Bennett

    I posted this same observation on Kristen Schofield’s blog earlier but I don’t really like how towards the end the author refers to ColdFusion a "database tool". When I think database tool, I think of DbVisualizer, or TOAD, or DBDesigner, or something like that. This kind of thinking is why you have to end up writing articles like:
    Sure they go on after that sentence to say it is also a programming language, and such but it is misleading to people who don’t really know about ColdFusion.

  4. Kristen Schofield Avatar
    Kristen Schofield

    What would the "free version" from your perspective consist of?
    – Kristen

  5. Dale Fraser Avatar
    Dale Fraser

    I consider the current Developer version to be FREE. The developer and Trial version are exactly the same, I never understood why they are all seperate downloads that give you the same product. So a simple marketing move would be to get rid of trial and developer call it free and only allow a single connection and queue any others. Thus you can put a real site on if you like, just not any site of any significance.
    Ideally however a more complex step would be to have a real free version. So you would have
    1. Enterprise
    2. Standard
    3. Free
    4. Developer
    Where Free would be a limited subset of standard. ie:
    No LDAP
    No Exchange
    No Verity
    No Flex Intergration
    No DB Drivers that Adobe have to pay for.
    No CFPDF functions (But leave CFDOCUMENT)
    Watermarked Charts
    And limited connections. it 1-2 similtaneous connections and the rest queued. So if someone wants to write a low traffic website, or host a blog they can and it’s free, when they find they want to use the charting, or advanced PDF stuff, or use it on an intranet to print leave forms, they can upgrade. I’m sure this Free version will happen one day, i’m hoping soon while the CF momentum is good.

  6. Dave Phipps Avatar
    Dave Phipps

    Firstly, I love ColdFusion so it pains me to keep being negative about it, but referring to Dale’s post about a Free version of CF and more specifically the No Verity part –
    We already have no Verity on the Mac!! and still have to pay the full price???
    I know I have posted about this before and it is becoming a bit of a rant but I can’t seem to find any info regarding what Adobe are trying to do about providing an alternative for us Mac users.
    Our server admins are moving from Linux over to Apple X-serves and this decision was spurred on by the fact that Adobe announced official support on OS X. What wasn’t apparent is that there would be no search engine!!
    As I have mentioned before Ray Camden has put something together to use Lucene but it is not quite ready for production and we are now looking at using BlueDragon to provide the search engine for our sites, so CF8 will hand over the search to BD running on a different port on the same box. This is just a nightmare!
    Sorry to keep on about it but surely it can’t be that difficult to either get Verity running on a Mac or provide support for Lucene perhaps in the upcoming Leopard release?
    Please don’t make us wait until CF9 :0(

  7. Jayesh Viradiya Avatar
    Jayesh Viradiya

    Verity could be installed as a seperate standalone service on a Widows/Linux OS and this verity service could be bridged with a CF deployment on MAC by specifying the Remote verity server IP adress and Ports, in the "CFAdmin –> Verity server"sectoin.

  8. Jason Delmore Avatar
    Jason Delmore

    We can’t do much about Verity not being supported on the Mac in the short-term. I will use "not my fault" as an excuse. 🙂
    However, the Verity license with ColdFusion does allow you to install the Verity service on a separate

  9. Dave Phipps Avatar
    Dave Phipps

    Thanks Jayesh and Jason. We did consider this option but we were hoping to avoid having to manage separate OS X and Linux boxes. I will speak to our server admins about setting this up.
    Is there a link to any docs where I can read up on how to set this up?
    Where can I get the Verity installer from?
    Can I still manage collections in CF Admin when I use an external Verity box?
    Is this just for the K2 setup or the standard (default) setup?
    By the way, I know it is not Adobe’s fault as Verity is a 3rd party app but it has been know for quite some time that OS X support was not there so Lucene support could have been added early in the development of CF8 once it had been decided that OS X support would be offered. Just an observation.
    Loving the fact that I can finally play with all the new stuff – our production servers have been on 6.1 forever and we are finally upgrading!!

  10. Jayesh Viradiya Avatar
    Jayesh Viradiya

    HI Dave,
    If you have a CF8 DVD, you will find a standalone verity installer on it.
    We are in the process of setting up a sepereate CF8 vertiy download page on adobe website.
    So, currenlty you can download CF7/CF6 version’s of Verity server which should work fine with CF8 on MAC.
    Yes, you can manage your verity collections from CFAdmin where in you have a seperate Verity Box.
    you can refer to the CF8 Documentation for setting up the verity server.
    Installing or setting up Verity should be simple task. you can follow the link below for that.
    Some other useful links for verity
    Jayesh Viradiya

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