ColdFusion Update For 64bit And For Leopard Now In Beta

I recently mentioned that we were working on a ColdFusion update that would add Mac OSX Leopard support, as well as support for 64bit OSs (beyond the current Solaris support). ColdFusion Product Marketing Manager Kristen Schofield has just announced that the beta for this update has begun.

2 responses to “ColdFusion Update For 64bit And For Leopard Now In Beta”

  1. Chris Peters Avatar
    Chris Peters

    Very cool. I tried following the scattered blog posts about installing CF 8 on Leopard with no success. At least I can now feel a little better about all of that lost time. 🙂

  2. Vincent Krist Avatar
    Vincent Krist

    Any update on when there will be an officially supported 64-BIT JVM for CF 8 on Windows servers?

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