Fusion Authority Quarterly Deserves Your Attention

I mentioned Fusion Authority Quarterly (FAQU) when the inaugural issue was published back in mid-2006. Since then I have glanced at each issue as I have received them, but have not really given them as much attention as I probably should have. Until now, that is. I recently had a short flight (well, two of them actually, there and back on the same day) – short as in too short to power up my laptop to get any real work done. And so, as I was dashing out of my office, I grabbed FAQU Volume 2 Issue 2 that had been sitting on my desk since MAX in Chicago. And honestly, I am more than impressed. The articles are well written – real content without feeling dumbed down. The scope of coverage is impressive – this particular issue features extensive Flex and AIR coverage, but with an essential ColdFusion twist and bias. Content that is much needed and generally lacking is included here – Nick Kwiatkowski’s excellent article on using Data Services with ColdFusion and Flex is a perfect example of this. The presentation and production is truly professional. And the form factor is ideal – a size and thickness that makes issues easy to keep at hand and with you. At $50/year, Fusion Authority Quarterly is a bargain, and well worth your attention.

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  1. DanaK Avatar

    I’d second this. We started receiving FAQU once CFDJ started going into the toilet, and I couldn’t be happier. Every issue so far has provided me with several great topics to dive into and learn something new or expand on something else. There is always a consistency and flow to most of the issues as well. Great stuff.

  2. tony of the weeg clan Avatar
    tony of the weeg clan

    as a former contributer 😉 and current reader and soon to be contributer
    of the FAQU, i agree wholly. those two, michael and judith are priceless.
    good stuff guys!

  3. Steve Sequenzia Avatar
    Steve Sequenzia

    Thanks for the heads up on this. I will definitely check it out. I am always looking for good information on ColdFusion.

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