ColdFusion On OSX Leopard And 64bit

Lots of you have been asking for official ColdFusion support for OSX Leopard. And lots of you have also been asking for a 64bit version of ColdFusion (currently only 64bit Solaris is supported). The good news is that we are working on both. I can’t give you a release date yet, but … stay tuned for an upcoming announcement.

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  1. tony of the weeg clan Avatar
    tony of the weeg clan

    does this mean windows 64 bit?

  2. sami hoda Avatar
    sami hoda

    yes, i believe so. i had a pretty in depth email conversation about how to get this done with an adobe engineer. didnt hear back after that, but im pretty sure windows it is.

  3. Jonas Eriksson Avatar
    Jonas Eriksson

    Hooray – we are certainly interested as CF8 Standard is blazing fast on our Apple XServe (Intel) box right now, and when we move to Leopard later next year, 64-bit-everything would be lovely indeed!
    ColdFusion is really into gear now, great!
    Best regards,

  4. Neil Middleton Avatar
    Neil Middleton

    Super, I’ve been doing my nut in trying to get CF8 working on leopard for ages.
    Does this also mean a proper Apache 2.2 connector?

  5. Lola LB Avatar
    Lola LB

    I sure hope so, Neil.

  6. dtvs Avatar

    Do you have any idea about support for WebShepher 6.1 and IHS 64 bit versions and MX 8? I have MX 8 installed but performance of the admin console is very spotty so far.

  7. Dave Phipps Avatar
    Dave Phipps

    Sorry to put a dampener on this news – but what about Verity on OS X. Is it ever going to be supported? Could ColdFusion include full support for Lucene instead?
    I know that Ray Camden has ported some of the functionality of Lucene into some handy tags but there is still a way to go before these are as simple and effective as the in built indexing and searching using Verity.
    Please Adobe – add verity or lucene support for the growing number of OS X users. We are about to deploy 2 X serves with 8 std and 8 enterprise in the new year. The only delay is working out a viable solution to the lack of Verity support.

  8. Nick Avatar

    Any updates on this? Can we expect an update before the end of the year?

  9. Shawn McKee Avatar
    Shawn McKee

    Well? Any news at all? I have tried several of the supposed work arounds to no avail. This is really causing me problems.

  10. Ben Forta Avatar
    Ben Forta

    Dave is correct, it is in beta right now.
    — Ben

  11. Sam Clement Avatar
    Sam Clement

    Any further news on this?

  12. Dave Phipps Avatar
    Dave Phipps

    ColdFusion 8 with Leopard support is currently being tested by various users. You can find out more info at:
    There is also link to signing up to help test the prerelease version:

  13. Sam Clement Avatar
    Sam Clement

    Great! Thanks for the update. I’ve applied to the pre-release program now.

  14. Abbey Warner Avatar
    Abbey Warner

    I need 64-bit ColdFusion 8 to work on Windows NOW. I’m tired of defending my decision to use CF instead of PHP/ASP/JSP. Our pages have gotten very slow and sometimes time out since we upgraded our Windows server to 64 bit and then we have to dumb it down to process CF. Please tell me when I can expect an upgrade to CF8 on 64 bit on Windows server.

  15. Ben Forta Avatar
    Ben Forta

    Abbey, if you want to run beta software then you can have it NOW. Otherwise, as soon as we are done testing it we’ll release it.
    — Ben

  16. Shawn McKee Avatar
    Shawn McKee

    Is there a way to get the beta NOW? I’ve filled out the forms at the sign up site but haven’t heard. Specifically interested in the OS X Leopard version followed by Linux.

  17. Greg Murray Avatar
    Greg Murray

    Shawn, I am also waiting on a reply back from the test team. If you have the beta version now how long did it take them to get back to you after you signed up?

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