In Hangzhou To Present On Flex And AIR

I am in Hangzhou, a beautiful city 100 miles or so from Shanghai. State Street and Zhejiang University are hosting the annual International Conference on Information Technology for Financial Services (ICITFS) here, and I’ll be presenting a session on Flex and AIR tomorrow.

3 responses to “In Hangzhou To Present On Flex And AIR”

  1. Vincent Avatar

    Ben, thanks for your exciting presentation about AIR. I was there and raised a ‘Too Many AIR Apps’ question 🙂

  2. Steven Avatar

    Great to know you are in my home town even though you don’t know who I am.
    I’m a guy living in New Zealand who has read your coldfusion books 🙂

  3. Edwin Avatar

    Ben, I can’t visit your presentation. Where can i find your presentation?

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