Europe Wrapped Up

I am in Amsterdam’s Schiphol airport, about to head back to the U.S. After last night’s Brussels event we drove for 2 hours to The Hague for the Netherlands Adobe Business Exchange. Again, I presented ColdFusion 8 to a very appreciate, interactive, and engaged crowd (very few of whom are yet running CF8). And now I get to spend a few days stateside before heading to Tokyo next week for MAX Japan.

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  1. Sebastiaan Avatar

    Ben, thanx for the evangelical messages, they sure came across. Boy has my dear employer done wrong in dismissing Coldfusion for future apps, because there were more programmers from the other languages. But all they wanted to do in the future and all the things they wanted now, CF8 provides 😉 Nice to see you in person for once, have read a lot about you and of you, but the face-to-face sure makes it more real! Good luck evangelizing thru Asia and with the Aussies.

  2. Lech Avatar

    Dear Ben,
    It was a pleasure to witness your in depth knowledge and enthusiasm for Coldfusion 8. It sure was inspiring!

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