Quick Post From Stuttgart

We (Tim, Kristen, and I) are in Stuttgart for a few hours, presenting CF8 to a local group. We arrived a little late, but the crowd waited patiently, and then sat for almost 3 hours as we walked through ColdFusion 8 features. The response was great, and our Intergral hosts were more than gracious and accommodating. And then, a few hours sleep, before we have to get up at 5 to fly to Brussels.

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  1. Charlie Arehart Avatar
    Charlie Arehart

    Just a point of clarification: they spell it Intergral. It’s ok, though, people spell it "integral" all the time. Folks interested can ask them about the name and why they chose to spell it that way.
    Anyway, I bet some of the attending German folks were surprised by all the British accents: yours, and those of the leaders of Intergral. 🙂

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