Buon Giorno From Italy

I spent the day in Italy today, presenting a full day seminar (with Tim Buntel and Ted Patrick) at Pavia (near Milan). Kristen Schofield, ColdFusion’s new product Manager (who promises me she’ll be blogging shortly), is also here getting to know the locals. They stayed here after MAX Europe last week, but I flew back to the U.S. in between, and almost didn’t make it here today. When I arrived in Amsterdam this morning for my connection, they announced that the flight to Milan was going to leave early (for those that could get through security and to the gate in time) because Italian air traffic controllers were about to strike and only planes already in the air would be able to land. And then when I did land in Milan, police had blocked access to the terminal so the driver could not get in to pick me up. Oh, and then our next flight (Alitalia to Stuttgart for an event tomorrow) just canceled and we’re having to get a later flight cutting it really close. This is not the first time this has happened to me in Italy – actually, it seems like something that occurs with some regularity, especially judging by the nonchalant reaction to all of this by most locals.
But, travel issues aside, the event went very well – and the crowd listened attentively for about 8 hours or so! And then they hung a large homemade sign on the wall (it looked like it was written on the back of a tablecloth) pleading for a “ColdFusion Builder” IDE. We’ll take that under advisement, guys! 😉

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  1. andrea Avatar

    we are very sorry of the flights problems…..yes maybe we are used to that….but anyway I personally thank you for being with us yesterday to show us CF8.
    hope to see you again here with less travel issues.

  2. Luca Avatar

    unfortunetely we’re really used to connections problems…
    but you, Ted and Tim were really great yesterday…
    University of Pavia thanks Tim, Ted and especially you for coming.
    hoping to see you soon back in Italy

  3. Charlie Arehart Avatar
    Charlie Arehart

    I can concur with your experiences. I mean, the people are lovely, and the country is majestic, but let’s just say that punctuality and consistency in services aren’t exactly their strong suit. But certainly the good experiences and memories still linger from last year, when my wife and I were there for another day-long CF event that Ben and I (and others) spoke at.
    I know you’re off to Stuttgart today, and Böblingen in particular. I was there last year as well, again right around this time. I’m sure the Intergral guys will show you around: lovely bakeries, restaurants, micro breweries, etc. Also check out the wonderful Mineraltherme, a mineral bath facility with huge indoor/outdoor pools ( Not a tourist trap at all. We really enjoyed it. Say Hi to David, Darren, and the gang when you’re at the Intergral/HP facility. Cheers.

  4. John Farrar Avatar
    John Farrar

    I lived in Italy for a year as a Child. On the island actually. That is where someone taught me to play Football! We toured Rome and saw the amazing art, the Castle of Angels or something like that. It is a wonderful part of my childhood memories.
    Good work on the banners guys. On the subject of an IDE what I see is that this is the history.
    * Somebody (no names please) sued Macromedia over HomeSite or CFStudio and it died.
    * DW offers a little better support each version… but it’s not a developers tool. (Even MS has a different designer and developer tool)
    * CFE rose to the top as the community solution for a number of reasons.
    – DW isn’t appreciated by developers at large as being a best of breed solution.
    – CFE caters to people who speake and write about CF. (But it isn’t yet a good match for the common developer.) This is actually a great project but it’s not a complete solution and part time development isn’t getting it done. The people who do the work now aren’t doing it full time… and I don’t fault them for that. It’s a work of love not a paid for product.
    Sooo… what is needed.
    + Complete solution… where someone makes the IDE a first priority. We appreciate CFE and will use it as a best senario until…
    Again… CFE is great. It isn’t all we need no matter how much the Scropio team invested. We NEED ( IMO, not everyones ) to have active development on the IDE. We need to either fund the CFE team or we need to start another project. (Note: Aptana has expressed willingness to talk on the subject.)

  5. Charlie Arehart Avatar
    Charlie Arehart

    John, I don’t know if Ben really wanted to turn this entry into a debate on IDEs. 🙂 I mean, yes, he did mention the subject in passing in his last paragraph.
    Anyway, wanted to comment on John’s comment that "Somebody (no names please) sued Macromedia over HomeSite or CFStudio and it died." That’s not completely accurate, can be misconstrued, and lacks some clarification that’s important to this subject.
    I started to write here but it became too long for a comment, so I blogged my thoughts separately:
    Also, in John’s recount of CF IDE history, he makes no mention of the Adobe Eclipse CF extensions, which are an important set of tools whether one uses CFE or not, and which show Adobe’s support of Eclipse. I discuss those in the blog entry as well.
    Still, I’m not denying that a single CFML IDE from Adobe might be a good thing, which was John’s (and the Italian boosters’) main point. 🙂

  6. John Farrar Avatar
    John Farrar

    I didn’t make mention of the help files or the snippets in CFEclipse either. 🙂 My intention wasn’t to make it a debate. It was a strong sense of thanks for Ben being gracious enough to mention the issue is not only alive but a worldwide issue.
    Yes, I think Adobe has used CFEclipse as a platform to release extensions on. Adobe had a motion to move forward and the guys confessed (CFE developers of late) that they dropped the ball. It could also be said that you failed to mention that. Though I doubt it was a failure or any ill attempt. It wasn’t neglect… it was an attempt to not ramble. I can understand the misread though… and that is a good point.

  7. Massimo Foti Avatar
    Massimo Foti

    We really had a great time in Pavia and a big thank you goes to all people who made it possible.
    As for the planes… I already have a plan for next time, you could land in Switzerland (either Zurich or Lugano airport) and we personally drive you across the border; avoiding any italian public transport 🙂

  8. Essien Avatar

    It isn’t your day. Must be you never fly on planes especially in Europe. I have the same situation with Italian airway companies. I write about it

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