Hola From Barcelona

I just arrived in Barcelona for MAX Europe 2007 – I got here later than I had hoped, but, I’m here, and we’re now prepping for tomorrow’s opening keynote. The venue is right off the beach, and my hotel room overlooks the Mediterranean Sea to the east. Not that I expect to do much sightseeing, but hey, I least I can see the sea!

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  1. Alexandre Madurell Avatar
    Alexandre Madurell

    Welcome Ben!!! 🙂
    Nice view! You probably get to see those solar panels too (they’re on your left as you leave the venue’s building, right at the Port Forum – Forum Harbor).
    I hope you do get some time for sightseeing. It was nice and sunny this afternoon (I took the chance to take some pictures after I picked up my badge). If you go for a walk, be careful with the Tramvia. 😀
    Enjoy your stay!!!

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