A Moment Of Silence For …

Our “pals” at SYS-CON have done it again. Just when I thought they had displayed the utmost in immaturity and unprofessionalism, they manage to make even bigger fools of themselves. And no, I am not going to link to specific posts or pages, and I ask that comments refrain from the same – considering that all they have nowadays are measly ads, I do not want to in any way contribute to their ad revenue. Suffice it to say that the more we see of SYS-CON’s petty antics, the more our decision to cut their funding makes sense. Of course, that is what has triggered this recent outbreak of logorrhoea, and judging by their meaningless drivel I can only assume that the few employees who were not wise enough to jump ship are feeling somewhat desperate. And so, perhaps a moment of silence is in order for the fallen SYS-CON. Or … nah, what the heck, a toast is more appropriate. Cheers!

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  1. David Morgan Avatar
    David Morgan

    Excecllent post! If for no other reason than finding a way to use the word "logorrhea"!
    **raises glass in a toast*

  2. Ali Avatar

    Not heeding your advice, nor the proverb that "curiosity killed the cat".
    Well in my case, curiosity killed my IE Browser.
    I had to go to the sys-con site to check out what verbal defecation they were currently spewing. And when I tried to actually click on the links of one of their articles, the browser hangs for 5 minutes before dying.
    I hung around long enough to see that yet again they are probably misquoting Michael Dinowitz.
    When will their libel, and dirty journalism, stop. I guess when all the advertisors pull the plug.
    Which is probably never, since companies are perfectly happy having rags like this do the dirty work of spamming people, and using intrusive popups and popunders and whathaveyou.

  3. Craig Avatar

    Once all the freaking pop-over ads disappeared and I could discern between the articles and the advertising, I thought the column was funny stuff.
    It’s nice to see high school drama students have a future writing columns for on-line magazines.

  4. John Mason Avatar
    John Mason

    Ben, is Adobe pulling funding to SYS-CON for the Flex journal as well? I certainly hope so. The other issue is defamation. Adobe should probably consider pushing this legally if they wish to protect their image and products. The real problem here is that some people are going to read those articles as fact.

  5. Rob Brooks-Bilson Avatar
    Rob Brooks-Bilson

    And what’s with all of the typo’s in the article?

  6. John C. Bland II Avatar
    John C. Bland II

    LMBO @ toast. 😀

  7. jm Avatar

    > It’s nice to see high school drama students have a future writing columns for on-line magazines
    Craig! Don’t insult the high school drama students. Some of them actually have _real_ talent 😉

  8. Gary Gilbert Avatar
    Gary Gilbert

    OMG I’m totally worried now about the future of Coldfusion, I mean the Marketing Guy is changing jobs, oh woe is me…
    I’m sure Tim Buntel is a good guy and did a good job but I somehow doubt that he was the sole driving force behind continued CF development.
    What a load of garbage my God those folks need to get a life. And I agree, Adobe should pull all funding and advertising from them and perhaps publish their own online magazine with contributions from the community.

  9. Eric Knipp Avatar
    Eric Knipp

    I just read the "article" and it made me want to dismental myself.

  10. jm Avatar

    What’s that you say? dismental.. is sys-con is coming undone?

  11. jm Avatar

    Darn, fat-fingers. Should have been "dismental. Is sys-con coming undone?" 😉

  12. Larry C. LYons Avatar
    Larry C. LYons

    They really need to get over it, stop the temper tantrum and get a life. Its gone beyond pathetic. Given the misinformation and defamation Adobe SHOULD consider a law suit.

  13. Joe Rinehart Avatar
    Joe Rinehart

    "Given an infinite amount of monkeys, an infinite amount of typewriters, and an infinite amount of time, they’d eventually write Hamlet."
    Thie article referenced? Two monkeys (one deceased), one typewriter, ten minutes.

  14. Charlie Arehart Avatar
    Charlie Arehart

    Ben, I wonder if your request that people not post a link to "the article" may be doing more harm than good, because I can’t find what people are talking about.
    I visit the front page of the CFDJ site, and there are only articles that were in the recent issues, or blog entries from Tim, Sean, and Rob G. So I’ve poked around trying to find what everyone must be referring to. The title of Scott Stroz’ cover story is certainly something folks could think is inflammatory, but those who read it will see he was actually being very supportive of CF8.
    So I’m left wondering: did they pull something? or am I an idiot for not seeing something so obvious to everyone else? Worse, by our having to poke around, we’re just driving up that ad revenue! 🙂
    Out of respect for your request, I’ll also ask that no one else link to it, since it was Ben’s request. But I hope you’ll consider this, as surely your blog entry will itself get a lot of visits, and I have to think others will be in the same boat as I am.

  15. charlie griefer Avatar
    charlie griefer

    if nobody’s linked you get, check your e-mail 🙂

  16. Luis Matthews Avatar
    Luis Matthews

    I’d be panicked too if Microsoft came after me with a "threath"! ;^)

  17. Sean Corfield Avatar
    Sean Corfield

    I think it’s very funny that Sys-Con blame Adobe for the demise of CFDJ yet when BEA asked them to stop producing WLDJ, Sys-Con defiantly trumpeted that they are an independent media company and no vendor can stop them producing any of their magazines! Fuat and his team went on a tirade about BEA after that little incident, in particular railing on the BEA executive who dared challenge them.
    If you dig around, you can find out some interesting stuff about Fuat who runs Sys-Con. Some of the "authors" who pen the more critical pieces are merely nom de plumes of Fuat (those authors don’t exist *anywhere* outside of Sys-Con, despite their supposed credentials). Fuat’s favorite Sys-Con publication is his beloved yachting journal where he is much-quoted, enjoyed his luxury yacht absorbed lifestyle.
    Gotta love Google…

  18. charlie griefer Avatar
    charlie griefer

    interesting. there -was- a ‘feedback’ link on that "article" earlier today.
    no more link, and no way to view feedback left. guess they didn’t like the feedback they were getting.

  19. jm Avatar

    Interesting about the feedback link disappearing. I assumed it was deliberately omitted. A preemptive strike of sorts.

  20. Clint Avatar

    Sys-Con? What’s that? Ben, your the only one I’ve heard from that’s even reminding me they still exist. Frankly, between your rants about them, I don’t spend one nano-second even thinking about them. Let it go and let them die in peace. I understand your aggravation but if you continue to pound your head against a brick wall, it will continue to stand and you will continue to bleed.

  21. Nick Kwiatkowski Avatar
    Nick Kwiatkowski

    I absolutly love this quote:
    According to some in the ColdFusion community, Adobe’s destruction of ColdFusion started by pulling the plug on a 10 year-old institution, ColdFusion Developer’s Journal, earlier this summer.
    Nothing like creating your own reality if you don’t like the one you are in!

  22. Jeffry Houser Avatar
    Jeffry Houser

    This post right now is the top post on the "Latest articles, news and posts" at . I was posted by "XML News Desk.

  23. thiman Avatar

    Wow. It’s been interesting to see how, as CFDJ’s contributors have evolved and moved on, SysCon has simply replaced real content with vapor, ramblings, and spam. Just plain weird. Sad to see, but a wonderful case study for college Internet publishing/business courses on what not to do (and the wonderfully vivid public ways in which not to do it), and psych courses on the fitful descent into madness. *Raises glass of absynthe in toast* Miss you, Good Ol’ Days. Cheers.

  24. Aaron Neff Avatar
    Aaron Neff

    Oh wow, geez now they *are* getting desperate! hahahaha Cheers! Well, it’s kind of like they stumbled into some quicksand after getting stung by Scorpio for being bad and they just kept squirming. You’d think those posers would learn to stop, after all they’re making such a mockery of Sys-Con. While some may read the article as fact, the bad thing for Sys-Con is that anyone that knows anything about ColdFusion, ColdFusion’s history, and Adobe is reading that article thinking – what amateurs wrote this crap! It is quite a risk, to say the least, posting something so utterly untrue like that. If anything, you’d think Sys-Con would force them to retract that article so fast it’d make your head spin… but they continue on as if they’re some sort of authority whilst the audience just shakes their heads in disgust. I’m glad Adobe laid the smack down, and I hope they continue as this nonsensical charade continues. Why support them anymore? It seems like kind of a fad, to post a couple articles which be-rate ColdFusion, get a lot of site traffic, and then post a follow-up article which, in a way, retracts what was previously posted (which is good to post the follow-up article, b/c the first articles should have never made their way to the Web in the first place). Now, I have a feeling we won’t be seeing any retracting of statements, but stranger things have happened. After all, its not like the author that wrote this behind the veil of “ColdFusion News Desk” was actually a real professional writer anyways, and a colleague may just come by and smack him on the back of the head and say apologize you dimwit!

  25. badbob Avatar

    Aaron, it’s very simple. All the garbage is being written directly by the ceo. All the newsdesks and Janes Hamiltone are written by "the man gbehind the curtain." Adobe knows this. Its best to ignoree sys-con.

  26. walt Avatar

    ok, after wading thru popups and god knows how much else annoying ad inspired crap, I read the article.
    It came off as a glorified blog entry to me. I don’t see how anyone can possibly take it seriously.

  27. JoeJJC Avatar

    Ok, I don’t know sys-con from a hill of beans. And having dealt with Cf since the Allaire days, I’d be happy to hear that the article was speculative bunk. However, I don’t see much about CF on the Adobe site, or hear how it fits into their overall strategy. I hear about Flex a lot, though.
    As a senior IT manager, it makes me VERY nervous see articles discussing "dead technologies" (as I saw this year) with CF listed. When I talk to other companies, I hear about them moving off CF.
    Has anyone seen or heard anything that indicates CF use isn’t declining? Anything from Adobe that makes their commitment to CF more tangible?

  28. Charlie Arehart Avatar
    Charlie Arehart

    Joe, it is bunk, and a huge range of blog entries of the time addressed that, so let’s not rehash it here. But perhaps more compelling is a counterpoint article that came out weeks later in the very same Computerworld, which made several points about why CF should not at all be considered dead:
    As for "Anything from Adobe that makes their commitment to CF more tangible", well, we certainly have CF8 which was a phenomenal release in both features and quality, and plans for 9 have already been discussed publicly.
    Perhaps more compelling (to your question) is the fact that Adobe recently added dedicated account managers because sales of CF have been so substantial. I’ll leave it to others to share more thoughts, but just know that your sentiments–while not unique–are not really accurate with respect to the overall health of CF and its community.

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