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  1. Maybe I’m looking on their site wrong, but they only seem to be listing volumes 1 and 3. I don’t see a vol. 2 on there.

  2. DanaK, Click on the top link where it says "Adobe System" or whatever.
    Also, Ben, I got a "The Coupon Code you entered is invalid" at checkout.

  3. I also tried and failed. I can’t find Vol 2 anywhere, and it would not accept my purchase for the other two volumes. It said "Invalid pricing". Damn .NET developers!

  4. Bookpool.com is offering a really good price for Pt.1 of the WACK of 31.50 (37%) and I have never had faster standard delivery. I ordered it at midnight on Sunday and received it Tuesday afternoon. I was certainly glad I didn’t pay the extra for overnight shipping.
    The link to Part 1 is http://www.bookpool.com/sm/032151548X.
    Part 2 and 3 do not offer as high of a discount (21%) so the Peachpit Price would be better for that purchase.
    Ben, has the official ship date been announced for the next part?

  5. I just wanted to say that this coupon code is 35% off all purchases in case that wasn’t clear to anyone. It applied it to volume 1 as well as another item that we had in our cart. good stuff 🙂

  6. I just wanted to say that this coupon code is 35% off all purchases in case that wasn’t clear to anyone. It applied it to volume 1 as well as another item that we had in our cart. good stuff 🙂

  7. Ben, you are an absolute star!!!
    I have been eying up your fantastic books for a few weeks now, planning to grab them once released in the UK.. Then I caught this blog post on my Google RSS feed reader and thought I’d investigate how much it would cost to order from the US (I’m in the UK).
    Amazingly – and heres a great tip for other guys wanting to order the whole set – you can ALSO use the coupon COLDFUSION with the Max coupon. First enter the Max coupon, then click ‘Change’ against the payment details (on the confirmation page). On the payment page enter the COLDFUSION coupon and continue. You should then see both coupons applied for a whopping $109.49 discount (if ordering all 3 books).
    Even with international postage of $17 this has only cost me $77.49!!! Thats almost the same cost as a single book. Brilliant!
    Thanks again for posting Ben – you’ve made my day.
    Looking forward to really bringing my skills up to the latest levels, especially as I embark on a 6 month project from November on a .com startup.. Invaluable 🙂

  8. If you’re ordering from the UK, just remember that you’ll probably get asked to pay for the VAT when it gets delivered. According to friends who have bought stuff from the US before, the value of the parcel contents will be printed on the box and you’ll be asked to pay 17.5% of that when you receive the parcel.
    Still works out cheaper with the weak dollar though 🙂

  9. That is true, although the VAT on my package (if charged) should only be about £6.. 🙂
    Also, luckily books aren’t charged any duty which is cool.
    With the discount I’ve got, it works out about 4 quid more than a copy of Vol 2 at Amazon.. 🙂
    My only concern is if Peachpit won’t ship until all items are in stock.. Means I wont get them until December.. 😐

  10. I’ve just got an e-mail from the brilliant customer support at Peachpit.
    They are shipping Vol1 now and were very helpful as I needed to change the shipping address for delivery of Vol2 and 3 which wasn’t a problem at all.
    Spot on service. I can definetely recommend using them.

  11. I ordered all 3 books with both discounts 4 days ago and book 1 still says ‘in process’. They certainly didn’t ship it within 24hrs. I’ve paid for international delivery.

  12. Correction to my above comment: book 1 arrived by Fedex about 4 days after I placed the order. Amazing. They must be losing money by selling these books so cheap, with only $17 for international delivery and they use fedex and send them separately. They must have sent it within 24hrs – the reason I placed my above comment is that the info on their web site didn’t get updated. I’m hugely grateful to those who posted the info about using both codes together.

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