MAX 2007 Day One Wrap Up

Wow, what a day. This is the first opportunity I’ve had to get online all day! As many others have noted, MAX 2007 in Chicago is huge! The venue the sheer number of people, the number of concurrent events and sessions, the lunch room … this is MAX on a scale never seen before.
During the keynote this morning I tag-teamed with Scott Fegette to show off ColdFusion 8 and Dreamweaver CS3 productivity. About a week before MAX we offered to help update the United Way Volunteerism site, installing ColdFusion 8 and implementing CF8 functionality and features. We partnered with Alagad (Doug Hughes’ company) to churn out pretty impressive features in just days. Scott and I showed off some of these enhancements, and announced that the changes were all already live. Good stuff.
I also presented two hands-on sessions today, racing through the basics of implementing ColdFusion powered Ajax applications. The sessions were packed, well received, and run again tomorrow and Wednesday (although Adam Lehman will be presenting the Wednesday session instead of me).
We also hosted our annual “Meet The CF Team” session this evening, Tim Buntel and I shared moderating questions and comments directed at the full ColdFusion team, including engineers, QA folks, management, and even sales. The questions were varied, and the mod was upbeat and very positive.
And now, it’s time to head down to the bar …

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  1. Peter Tlbrook Avatar
    Peter Tlbrook

    The United Way site looks broken in Firefox (and E 7 too it seems).

  2. Doug Hughes Avatar
    Doug Hughes

    Peter – Can you please email me (dhughes at alagad dot com) and let me know in which way it looks broken? I would really really appreciate that.

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