Light, Camera … Keynote

I’m backstage, going through final prep for the MAX 2007 opening keynote. Each year we make this look clean and smooth and effortless – kind of. But if you’ve never seen what goes on behind the stage, picture a large area (the width of the hall) containing over a hundreds of piece of equipment and banks of computers, a mission control center that looks like a NASA control room, eight gigantic rear projection projectors, headset wearing producers and directors armed with clipboard buzzing around, technicians fine-tuning the colors and alignments of the massive screens, audio technicians wiring up presenters and performing last minute sound checks, final cue walkthroughs … and it’s time, this is it … lights, camera … keynote!

2 responses to “Light, Camera … Keynote”

  1. Mark M Avatar
    Mark M

    And I’m outside the doors waiting to get in–where’s the best seat? 🙂

  2. Gary Gilbert Avatar
    Gary Gilbert

    Good luck Ben! I am sure even after all the practice talking you still get the occasional butterfly eh?

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