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Yesterday (while I was offline) Adobe launched the new Adobe Developer Connection – the new consolidated portal with everything you need to build on our platform and products, all wrapped in a slick ColdFusion powered DHTML interface. Very cool stuff indeed, check it out!

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  1. fasdf Avatar

    This was part of a couple of things released a few weeks ago in the "Getting Started Experience" for CF8 on the CF site. Folks may have noticed that the official release (what they downloaded) had no such changes foir CF8 in the local version of this (accessible from the CF Admin), but it is available on the web site (like that PDF, which wasn’t updated as much). More at: <A HREF=""&gt;?????</A> <A HREF=""&gt;???</A>

  2. Patrick Whittingham Avatar
    Patrick Whittingham

    Got to love accordian menus….)

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