MAX 2007 US Sold Out

This is a first! In 9 years (MAX, DevCon, etc.) we’ve never had to do this before, but … we’ve sold out MAX 2007 in Chicago, and registration has been closed! Wow! I can’t wait for next week, see you in Chicago!

3 responses to “MAX 2007 US Sold Out”

  1. Fertilizer Avatar

    I will be there to! See ya!

  2. Paul Ihrig Avatar
    Paul Ihrig

    if any one needs to buy a ticket at 1/2 off or obo, let me know.
    other wise i will be giving it away at tomorrow nights cfug meeting in columbus, oh.
    wish i could go, but cant swing travel+room+food+lots of beer.
    then again, may just show up and leave..
    not sure yet..
    6 hour drive..
    [i feel like marvin]

  3. Mike R. Avatar
    Mike R.

    I would definitely be interested in buying the ticket.

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