FuseTalk 50% Faster On ColdFusion 8

FuseTalk Inc has announced version 3.1 of their flagship FuseTalk forums software. This new version adds new features (including blogging support), and has been tested on ColdFusion 8 where “average page time and requests per second turned in a whopping 50% improvement”.

8 responses to “FuseTalk 50% Faster On ColdFusion 8”

  1. Pablo Vos Avatar
    Pablo Vos

    Since it has that many bugs (which were reported but never solved), and everyone still has to pay that amount for such a buggy product, I would recommend to stay far away from FuseTalk.

  2. Gary F Avatar
    Gary F

    @Pablo, can you substantiate your comments that there are "many bugs which were reported by never solved" please?
    I’m interested in a combined forum/blogging app like FuseTalk which can be integrated into an existing app. (Unlimited blogs

  3. Eric Dickerson Avatar
    Eric Dickerson

    I’ve been using FuseTalk for years on many different websites and I have never encountered a bug which they didn’t fix as soon as practical. Security fixes are typically next day releases which is pretty impressive if you ask me.

  4. Pablo Vos Avatar
    Pablo Vos

    That’s not my experience on multiple occassions. They have yet to fix bugs submitted by me on several trial occassions. Since they never took the effort to look into this, I decided to go with a freeware forum from Raymond Camden called Galleon, which runs better and smoother.

  5. David - kDev Avatar
    David – kDev

    Pablo — We have been using FuseTalk for years (like Eric) and haven’t had issues either…The folks at FuseTalk are good people and I’m sorry to hear you’ve had a bad experience…

  6. ayhan Avatar
    ayhan’s forums are working on fusetalk and I had to face with many many problems. These are some problems ? have encountered: logging out for no reason, not able keep my comment if the page throws error. charset problems… ? hated once for that!

  7. Saxtine Leader Avatar
    Saxtine Leader

    Adobe’s forums are using FuseTalk, but to my knowledge they are highly modified so I wouldn’t put the problems that you are having on Adobe’s forums on FuseTalk.

  8. richard wainwright Avatar
    richard wainwright

    Overall fusetalk is an exceptable product, and generally does what its meant too (Although at present can’t seem to get the advanced search to work correctly)
    However it is by far not the best and unexceptable non error trapping should be sorted in a package of this price. Also not too sure about the backend database design, the whole forum datbase integrity can buggered by deleting messages/topics directly in SQL Enterprise Manager (shouldn’t all counts, links should be worked out at runtime and not rely on counters within tables in the forum – an absolute no no!!)
    The external authentication method needs a lot of work, in the end I had to hack into the aspx and ascx source to accomplish what I wanted!!

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