Do As I Say, Not As I Do

Way back when, during the usergroup tour, when first introducing ColdFusion 8 server monitoring, I repeatedly made the point that different parts of the feature were intended for different purposes, and that the “Memory Tracking” option was not to be used on production boxes (it’s intended for use during development and perhaps during testing, but not for runtime use).
Well, my site was misbehaving the past few days. I was experiencing massive memory spikes, sporadic poor performance, periods of non-responsiveness, and worse. And I just figured out what was wrong. Yes, “Memory Tracking” was enabled. I am not sure how I turned it on, I have to assume that I inadvertently enabled it while tinkering in the Server Monitor some time last week. But, it was indeed enabled, and was busily tracking memory when it should not have been doing so.
So, I apologize if you are one of those who experienced poor performance or downtime. And let this serve as a reminder to others not to make the same mistake.

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    While testing a stress in CF8 dev environment, we had something just like this happening. But at that time we just couldn´t figure it out. thanks for the post.

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