Software Development Times On ColdFusion And More

Andrew Binstock has written a great article for the Software Development Times, sharing his thoughts on ColdFusion 8.

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  1. Ben Forta Avatar
    Ben Forta

    Ugh, I should not post when I am sleep deprived. Thanks!
    — Ben

  2. Oliver Merk Avatar
    Oliver Merk

    Good plug for CF. But he says: "… ColdFusion bundles two native scripting languages: the proprietary CFscript for applications, and an ECMAscript subset called ActionScript for operations on the server."
    CF 8 uses Actionscript? I (seriously) wish;)

  3. Gary Gilbert Avatar
    Gary Gilbert

    Coldfusion does provide a mechanism to use Action script on the server-side in Coldfusion. You can also add Action script in CFM pages that use <cfform format=flash>

  4. hua Avatar

    I think "ActionScript for operations on the server" refers to this:
    "ColdFusion server configuration includes the Flash Remoting service, a module that lets Adobe Flash developers create server-side ActionScript."

  5. Allen Avatar

    I’m at a loss as to why he mentions the issue of frameworks in Java but doesn’t address it all in regards to ColdFusion. I fail to see how either is different in that regard.

  6. Ken Adcock Avatar
    Ken Adcock

    Hi, Ben:
    Thanks for pointing this out. I assume you meant to say Software Development Times. SD Times is one of my favorite publications – a good news source on the software and development tools industry. On a related note, I also read the following editorial in the August 15, 2007 issue of SD Times: Don’t Give ColdFusion The Cold Shoulder. I’ve observed that SD Times has given ColdFusion very favorable coverage.

  7. Luke Avatar

    I think what he’s trying to say is that you can see ColdFusion as a Java/J2EE framework. Which is kind of true if you think about it. After all, ColdFusion is in the end just an abstraction layer on top of a Java/J2EE server.

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