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  1. Ben, thanks for the post. We’re going to be presenting during flex bootcamp at max. Meanwhile we’re going to be putting more examples and effects libraries. I wrote a quick post on how to start extending it by adding your own buttons that can be found at
    with an example at
    with more to come. Any enhancements or bugs, etc will be more than welcome. Email me the enhancements and Ben Clinkinbeard the bugs. 😉

  2. Gary,
    Sorry – it’s one of those acronyms that has been used for years, and usually it is just MDI (without even knowing what MDI stands for). But, MDI=multiple document interface, which means that you have multiple document windows within a single application – they can usually be opened, and closed, and resized, and tiles, and cascaded, and so on. Microsoft Word is an MDI app, Dreamweaver has an MDI mode, and many other apps do this to.
    — Ben

  3. Ah, I see. Thanks for the information. I just hadn’t associated MDI with multiple document interface, which I havn’t heard in years. Dang I’m getting old.
    Some days I feel like Billgatus of Borg, but with much less gear. 😉

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