Looking For JRun Updater Beta Testers

We are about to start testing an update to JRun 4 (Updater 7) which will bring JRun up to date with changes we made to support ColdFusion 8 (including changes to support newer operating systems). If you’d like to take part, sign up here.

8 responses to “Looking For JRun Updater Beta Testers”

  1. Jim Avatar

    Why don’t you ask the guys that beta tested Jrun 4.5 (Cheetah)?

  2. Tom Forrest Avatar
    Tom Forrest

    Thanks for the tip, Ben! We can’t migrate to CF8 until we can update to Updater 7 (I don’t want to reinstall JRun and lose all of our installed instances). So we’ve been looking forward to this updater.

  3. John Farrar Avatar
    John Farrar

    So… does this mean JRun is going to be brought to another version later. I have heard rumors of it’s demise. I think most technologies are electronic cats. They seem to have nine lives. (The question is who is qualified to certifiy the nine deaths of a technology?)

  4. Charlie Arehart Avatar
    Charlie Arehart

    Hey John, yours is a reasonable question, but it’s been answered relatively recently. Seems you may have missed that. Adobe has formally announced the end of new feature development for JRun, so no, there will be no new "version", only updaters, like this, driven primarily by the needs to update JRun to support CF features. There were a couple of blog entries at the time, such as:
    These also point to an Adobe-specific technote clarifying this, but CFers will want to stop by Damon’s blog entry first to get a CF perspective on the decision. It’s not bad news at all, at least for CFers.

  5. tom Avatar

    I cannot get the jrun 4 updater 7 installed. It wants to know the path of the jrun 4 location, i have tried a hundred different locations. What the heck it is looking for?

  6. John Uebel Avatar
    John Uebel

    My company is running 7 x CF7.02 Enterprise installations – 6 in multi-server configuration and one in server configuration. Whilst I have received my CF8 upgrades, because of the requirement to keep in version sync with our other partners, I am stuck with CF7 for another 6 months. I desperately need to leverage some features in Java 1.6 and here’s the problem.
    Even after I upgrade JRun with Updater 7, despite what other people say, if I then point java.home in the jvm.config file to a Java 1.6 JDK, I get boot errors when loading the flex.messaging.MessageBrokerServlet as follows:
    22/01 16:25:40 user failed to load: flex.messaging.MessageBrokerServlet
    22/01 16:25:40 error Could not pre-load servlet: MessageBrokerServlet
    [1]java.lang.LinkageError: loader constraint violation: when resolving field "NODE" the class loader (instance of coldfusion
    /bootstrap/BootstrapClassLoader) of the referring class, javax/xml/xpath/XPathConstants, and the class loader (instance of <
    bootloader>) for the field’s resolved type, javax/xml/namespace/QName, have different Class objects for that type
    Whilst CF still runs, it will not load any of my Flex apps and cannot be shutdown gracefully – the jrun process has to be killed (Platform RHEL4.)
    Any ideas or is there no way to run CF7 utilising a Java 1.6 JVM?

  7. Andrew Radvansky Avatar
    Andrew Radvansky

    My issues are _exactly_ the same as John’s. Has this question ever been answered or addressed? I have scoured the internet and not found a solution for this. And I’m stuck on CF 7.0.2 for the foreseeable future. Frustrating.

  8. John Uebel Avatar
    John Uebel

    Just FYI, I never did find a solution to this. In the end we had to write an external Java application that ran on Java 1.6 and had ColdFusion consume the web service to get the functionality we desired.

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