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I presented a session entitled “ColdFusion Powered AIR” at the AIR Bus Tour in Atlanta today. The truth is, there is not a whole lot to say – ColdFusion powers HTML/JavaScript apps and Flash/Flex apps, and AIR apps are just that, HTML/JavaScript apps and Flash/Flex apps. It just works. So, what to talk about? I concentrated on the core ColdFusion value proposition – productivity, and showed how the same productivity story that has driven ColdFusion for more than a decade is just as relevant as ever, and highly relevant for AIR development. I demonstrated quickly building data front-ends, and then turning them into ColdFusion Powered AIR applications, with the message that A) if you are a ColdFusion developer, your existing skills will remain vital and useful in AIR development, B) if you are interested in building AIR applications, either HTML or Flash applications, the ColdFusion productivity story demands that you seriously consider ColdFusion as your AIR back-end.

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  1. George Avatar

    Are your presentations going to be published somewhere online, Ben? Forgive my naivety but I’m still having a hard time seeing what the job of AIR really is and how it’s going to be useful. There’s a very large chance I’m wrong and horribly misguided, but I still think it’s a lot like the Mac OS X Dashboard. I’d love to see what you built in your presentations to see what it’s all about.

  2. brian Avatar

    is there a recording of the presentation anywhere?

  3. vivek khosla Avatar
    vivek khosla

    Thanks Ben for sharing knowledge, it was a great presentation, though there was a constraint of time but wizard and fast delivery really helped. I realized that Ben could have taken more time and other later sessions can be shorten a bit. I feel from the demo that there is good compatibility between CF and AIR even for Desk Top application. It will take time to convince and prove people why they should not use or Java for desktop applications..:)

  4. Mario Talavera Avatar
    Mario Talavera

    Hello Ben, Thanks for presentation.
    Would you know if any of the existing wizards will ever work on os x as they do on the pc? I’ve had partial success with some generated code (rds for example) but most else is non-existing.

  5. Ben Forta Avatar
    Ben Forta

    Mario, the SQL Query Builder does not (yet) run on OSX, so any wizards that use it won’t work. No workaround (for now) either, sorry.
    — Ben

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