Foundeo's Cool Image Effects Component

Foundeo has created Foundeo’s Image Effects Component for CFImage, a CFC which build on ColdFusion 8’s tag, and which makes adding cool effects like reflections, drop shadows, gradients, and rounded corners a snap. And at $29.99 this one is a must have!

8 responses to “Foundeo's Cool Image Effects Component”

  1. Michael White Avatar
    Michael White

    I am so all over it, Thanks for the Heads Up!

  2. Pete Freitag Avatar
    Pete Freitag

    Thanks for the mention Ben!

  3. Ben Forta Avatar
    Ben Forta

    Pete, actually, it’s thanks to Ray Camden who brought this to my attention. Nice work dude!
    — Ben

  4. David Avatar

    You’ll be glad to know that Peter has graciously offered to raffle off a copy of his cool new product at ColdFusion User Groups. For a group near you, use the following link:
    <shameless plug> If you are in or around the Connecticut area, come see us at the CT CFUG – </shameless plug>

  5. Jon Hartmann Avatar
    Jon Hartmann

    This isn’t really that hard to do, at least the glassy mirroring, I managed to figure it out today while I was sick. Rounded corners I’ll leave to Foundeo, but if you want a simple mirroring effect <a href="">check this out</a>.

  6. Jeff Avatar

    Nice app, good job Foundeo.

  7. MattO Avatar

    Looks like the price jumped to 39.99
    I could really use this component but I don’t like the price hike.

  8. Pete Freitag Avatar
    Pete Freitag

    Hi Matt,
    Sorry to disappoint you about the price change. However that price was a special introductory price, and the foundeo web site had stated that the price would change after the end of August.

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