My ColdFusion Weekly Podcast Interview

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  1. Peter J. Farrell Avatar
    Peter J. Farrell

    BTW, listen for a chance to win a copy of ColdFusion 8 Standard Edition courtesy of Adobe!

  2. ayhan Avatar

    I have to say coldfusion dissapointed me with version 7 and now version 8 brought more dissapointment on me.
    i know Ben web 2.0 is stupid name but it covers many subject under the hood. coldfusion thinks adapting extjs with yui will make coldfusion look like in track but it is not. now I am asking you how many people are making coldfusion? 2 or 3 people? I know Adobe has 2 people on spry project. that is really shame that adobe does not have enough or quality programmers! why am i so thick about adobe? beacuse;
    the web is changing and we have to adapt ajax features to our applications and when we try to use simplest ajax window it requires 300 kb of javascript. cfform was disasster (still useless and disasster), report builder is not workign right at all, ajax features lacks of performance and many other things. Ben, we wish better coldfusion. I wonder what allaire thinks? is he still will adobe?

  3. JohnJ Avatar

    I couldn’t disagree more, but speech is free! We built our Financial Institution App fresh and completely with CF7 (utilizing many Flash Forms and grids as they facilitated our SingleCycle Interface Methodology).
    We have been excited to see how well some of the new CF8 features fit our upcoming enhancements. And, the speed enhancements will be welcomed…
    QUESTION FOR ADOBE STAFF: We have a copy of CF8 Standard coming for review and testing, and it should be to us in a week or two. If we install the ColdFusion8 30-day trial option download, and then just enter the Serial Number when it arrives – will we be using exactly the same CF8 that we would have installed from the disks?

  4. Jason Delmore Avatar
    Jason Delmore

    The 30-day trial is the real deal, the exact same bits. 😉

  5. Aaron Neff Avatar
    Aaron Neff

    Thanks Ben for that interview. CF8 is hands down the best! Love that Adobe DNA =)

  6. ayhan Avatar

    I am sorry I couldn’t make myself clear. Coldfusion is great but upgrading to cf7 and cf8 is very expensive if you compare the enhancement they brought. if you are not expert programmer or don’t have time, you can buy or get for free cftags to have all these kinds of enhancements(mostly). you don’t have to wait for new releases!! like adobe itself did with paying for cfchart functions. and now extjs is another pruchase from adobe. was that we were waiting for? We could manage to do all this to build on cf6. all of them. Maybe someone should sneak in adobe and check what their programmers do. my guess is they are working of flex and air:) now today extjs released new lighter version. I think we should wait for the coldfusion update:))

  7. Al Avatar

    I’m still pretty new to ColdFusion but my understanding is that CF8 brings one major improvement that seemed to be the main focus, performance!

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