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  1. Jose Avatar

    it is so expensive :). Thanks for info, …

  2. Gary F Avatar
    Gary F

    As the price spirals I’m sure interest levels and sales fall. CF is a brilliant product but seriously overpriced, more so for CF8 and UK businesses. Consider this: a client wants a developer to create an intranet site to do X, Y, Z using a couple of Enterprise features. Development costs $10K and CF8 Ent is $7.5K. The cost for a .NET or PHP alternative would cost about the same to develop (those markets are competitive as there are more .NET/PHP developers) but the cost to deploy is 63% less.
    Then consider this example: A company decides to create a website using CF. It proves to be popular and they need to add more servers but the price of 1 CF8 Ent license costs 4x the price of a new dual core, 2gb, raid1 server with a Win2003 license. If they went down the .NET or PHP route they could buy 5x servers for the same price as just 1 server running CF8. Try selling that idea to business managers. CF8 is so expensive it can’t easily be hidden away in other server or operational costs.
    Adobe would do better to make CF8 more appealing to the masses by lowering the price rather than milking CF’s loyal user base.
    In response to Aitor’s comments, instead of buying from a UK reseller or Adobe you can fly from London to New York for the weekend, buy a copy of CF8 Ent, soak up the sights, fly back to London and still have saved some money! So not only are CF customers cash cows who must bear a $1500 price rise, but British customers are insulted by having to pay $1700 more for exactly the same product.
    In England some people do a booze run – a day trip to France to buy cheap drinks and cigarettes. I think we need to set up a CF run to New York. It would be a laugh and a group of customers/developers who want 20 licenses between them would save $34,000, less a return flight for a couple of CF moonshine bandits. 😉 Yeee-ha!

  3. Aitor Ibarra Avatar
    Aitor Ibarra

    Ben, whilst technically correct, perhaps you meant version 7?
    "It’s been over two years since the introduction of the highly successful ColdFusion 2"
    …and if you correct that, maybe you could also fix your UK pricing…
    CF8 Standard: £789 = $1598
    CF8 Enterprise: £4539 = $9197
    CF8 Standard $1299
    CF8 Enterprise $7499 (already $1,500 more than CF7!)

  4. Amy Wong Avatar
    Amy Wong

    Hi there, Aitor,
    I’ve fixed that typo–about ColdFusion 2. Thanks for notifying us!

  5. O?uz Demirkap? Avatar
    O?uz Demirkap?

    What is the legal status of buying CF from US and using it in Europe?
    Can users buy also from US via online shops and use it in Europe?
    Are there any restrictions?

  6. David Avatar

    Not trying to do Adobe’s job and defend the price, but…
    "cost for a .NET or PHP alternative would cost about the same" – if a .Net / PHP developer is delivering the exact same work for the same price, your customer doesn’t need CF enterprise. It’s enterprise for a reason, standard will do – what is the cost to deploy, in your scenario, using CF standard?

  7. Gary F Avatar
    Gary F

    David, Ent is required for clustering/failover and to ensure the max number of email/PDF threads are available. Believe me, I would love to use Std if I could figure out a reliable workaround.

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