A week or so ago I offered discount codes for MAX here in the U.S., and lots of you eagerly grabbed them. And others wanted to know if I had discount codes for MAX Europe, and I didn’t. But … I do now! I don’t have many of these, but if you want a one-time use discount code for 10% off the cost of MAX Europe, e-mail me now!

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  1. Hi Ben,
    should be very nice but I will no tbe able to be there.
    It looks a bit ironic that adobe wants to give us a discount to go to Max and then they charge to no US people 100% more for software…….
    nevermind this is a old story.
    BTW thanks for your courtesy

  2. I no longer buy Adobe products in the UK and will not support Adobe events until they change their blatant raping of European users of their product.
    I was looking at getting CS3 Firefox $299 or GBP299 (about $600).
    Really is a case of "screw you" Adobe. There is absolutely no justification for this pricing policy.
    I would advise other European users to do the same and not support Adobe events.
    Thankfully US sellers are shipping to the UK.

  3. Hi Ben
    We need an Adobe Max Europe discount for non profits or similar discount? COuld you let us know what those codes are?

  4. Paul, this is the only one I have access to. There may be another that I am unaware of. I’ll forward your note to the MAX Europe team.
    — Ben

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