Hot Banana On ColdFusion 8

Hot Banana has announced that their CMS has been tested and is “100 percent compliant with Adobe ColdFusion 8, which means it can take full advantage of all the features and functional benefits of the new, soon-to-be-released ColdFusion 8 server platform”.

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  1. David Avatar

    How can this be true?
    I didn’t think CF8 was out yet, or is the CF8 Public Beta "it"?

  2. Ben Forta Avatar
    Ben Forta

    David, I assume it means tested under the public beta.
    — Ben

  3. Chris Adams Avatar
    Chris Adams

    Hi David, it is the CF 8 public beta.
    Chris Adams, Director of Engineeering, Hot Banana

  4. LD2 Avatar

    Hot Banana is an up in coming CMS system. I think it’s great that it will integrate CF8, but they will need to become a bit more sophisticated for larger enterprises. I’m sure they’ll have PaperThin and others on the move, as time goes by…

  5. David Avatar

    Ah, so the press release isn’t quite true then.
    More of a "as-far-as-we-know, it is 100% compliant"
    Here I was getting all excited that CF8 release was being given out to a selected few!
    (don’t mind me, I am looking for proof that CF8 is almost out! – please say it’s so Ben!)

  6. Krista LaRiviere, CoFounder & General Manager Avatar
    Krista LaRiviere, CoFounder & General Manager

    Hi LD2,
    Thank you for your comments about Hot Banana. We’re excited about the official release of CF8 and all the new features and functionality we will be able to now incorporate into our web CMS. It is nice to see Adobe’s commitment to CF – it is significant to the CF community. I’m sure there will be minor tweaks and changes to CF8 beta, but when the official release comes out Hot Banana is ready!

  7. LD2 Avatar

    I’m glad that the functionality will take full advantage of CF8, but there are quite a few features missing from this up and coming CMS system that has nothing to do with ColdFusion.

  8. Anonymous Avatar

    This ia a warning to anyone contemplating purchasing HotBanana CMS. HotBanana CMS has some serious bottlenecks. We use it and it begins throwing exception errors when there are more than 20 users on the site. If you plan on purchasing HotBanana do some serious load testing first. Cris Adams and HotBanana are aware of this but they wont tell you this untill your purchased it. I’m posting this not out of any anger but rather a heads up to others who may be thinking about going with HB. Other than the bottlenecks it’s OK. Hard to customize. the API is not the most freindly. Upgrades can be a pain as it’s all manual, espcially if you’ve done customizations and those methods change radically in the core files.

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