MAX Session List Posted

The complete MAX session list has been posted. There are 27 sessions on ColdFusion this year, including a 3.5 hour boot camp event.

3 responses to “MAX Session List Posted”

  1. John Farrar Avatar
    John Farrar

    I was surprised that this was not built with SPRY!

  2. Timothy Farrar Avatar
    Timothy Farrar

    What is the 3 for 2 deal?
    Is that a price for 2 people to get in for the whole conference?
    Seems to be that, but wasn’t sure.

  3. Timothy Farrar Avatar
    Timothy Farrar

    woops… should have kept reading… it says you buy two passes at full price, and then get a third pass free. This would calculate out to 730 a person for a full conference pass.

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