At CFUnited

I just arrived at the CFUnited conference venue. It’s hard to believe it’s been a year sine we were last here, amazing. OK, so let’s see … a keynote for tomorrow morning, that’s what we need … hummm, what to talk about … 😉

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  1. Mikkel Johansen Avatar
    Mikkel Johansen

    I am so jealous on all the developers getting to attend CFUnited this year 🙁
    Last year I was so lucky to be there. It is a long and expensive trip to US from Denmark (Europe).
    Looking forward to follow all the bloggers that are writing about CFUnited.
    And blog-entrys about your keynote, is something to look forward to 🙂
    last year – first glance of a couple (out of many) of CF8 features.
    tomorrow – ??? Hope to hear about GREAT news 😉

  2. Rob Gonda Avatar
    Rob Gonda

    I hope you talk about politics or global warming. Those are the two hot issues at the moment. Child labor and hunger in 3rd world countries would do it too.

  3. tony of the weeg clan Avatar
    tony of the weeg clan

    tell me that 8 is release.
    thats a GREAT keynote topic.
    wont be there this year ben, would love to, havent missed many conferences, but im missing this one… life was rough this year, but im pulling through! anyway, be ben, be good to the peeps (as im sure you will) and have a killer time.
    anyway, be safe and enjoy my backyard… ( i live a short bit east of where you are )

  4. Bobby Avatar

    Welcome to Maryland! Cya at CFUnited and look forward to your keynote tomorrow morning!

  5. KEVIN BENORE Avatar

    Hello from the 7th floor! It is going to be a great conference.

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