I'll Be On The AIR Bus

As just announced by Mike Chambers, I’ll be taking part in the upcoming AIR bus tour, demonstrating building ColdFusion powered AIR applications.

7 responses to “I'll Be On The AIR Bus”

  1. Colin Avatar

    Ben, the link to the AIR bus tour doesn’t actually link.

  2. David Avatar

    Hi Ben – you’ll be at all the sites, or just a few specific ones? Can’t wait to see CF powered AIR apps.

  3. Ben Forta Avatar
    Ben Forta

    Colin, fixed, thanks.
    David, most of the 2nd leg, I’ll post the exact locations when I have them figured out.
    — Ben

  4. Joshua Curtiss Avatar
    Joshua Curtiss

    See you in Chicago hopefully.

  5. Bob Avatar

    Can’t you make a stop in Northern California on your way to the Pacific Northwest?

  6. Bob Avatar

    OK, FROM the Pacific Northwest

  7. Mike Kollen Avatar
    Mike Kollen

    Airbus? I thought your first love was Boeing. 🙂 (My favorite car is the Spanish Nova) It is funny that your final destination is Chicago, at Boeing Headquarters to close the Air Bus tour. We can see if we can’t pick you up in the new Dreamliners 787 in hopes that you convert.
    Seriously, thanks again for all your help.

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