ColdFusion Positions In OR, MO, AL, And DC

Five positions this week:

  • Mentor Graphics (Wilsonville, OR) is looking for a ColdFusion / Flex application developer. Requirements include a bachelors degree in related field, 4 years experience in ColdFusion application development including use of Object Oriented design practices, and 1 year producing web sites with advanced technologies including Flex and Action Script. Details posted online.
  • MegaForce (Kansas City, MO) is looking for a ColdFusion developer. Requirements include 2 years of ColdFusion experience with ColdFusion MX, as well as high proficiency in HTML, XHTML, JavaScript, and CSS. Flash and Flex experience desired. Contact Ryan Mac Donald.
  • Planned Systems International (Montgomery, AL) is looking for a ColdFusion developer. Requirements include a BS in a related field and 3+ years of software engineering including significant experience with ColdFusion, as well as experience with HTML and Java. U.S. Citizenship required. Contact Jamil R. Luckett.
  • Georgetown University (Washington, DC) is looking for a junior web developer. 1-3 years work experience in ColdFusion web development is required. Details posted online.
  • Unnamed real estate company (Portland, OR) is looking for a ColdFusion developer. Details posted online.

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  1. Jeff Avatar

    My friend Kryssy at R/GA in NYC is looking for Flash Developers of all levels for full-time onsite work.
    Description as follows.
    * Scripting of Flash Interfaces and Applications in AS 2.0
    * Maintenance of ongoing projects
    Programming Knowledge Requirements:
    * Full understanding of Object Orientated development and design with regards to AS2.0.
    * A proactive, quality orientated approach to development.
    * A love of clean and if possible reusable code.
    * Experience in working in medium to large sized teams in a structured and disciplined manner, e.g. test-driven development, version-control and deployment knowledge is very helpful.
    * Good working knowledge of OO Actionscript.
    Soft skill we like:
    * Plays well with others i.e. able to interface with designers and usability designers.
    * Isn’t afraid to raise there hand when something goes wrong and they need some help.
    * Curious about new technologies and eager to keep abreast of the ones they already know.
    Why should consider applying:
    * Large supportive department of developers and a full QA team.
    * A CTO that will always talk to you and help you get to where you want to go.
    * Be amongst developers who are really into what they do and push the boundaries of development.
    If interested email with you resume and some code samples. Be sure to say that Jeff sent you.

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