Some More CF8 Download Stats

Last week I mentioned that CF8 public beta downloads had already exceeded our expectations. I was looking at updated stats yesterday, and the downloads numbers are now significantly higher than when I made that post. That’s phenomenal! But I also noticed something else of interest – of the versions downloaded thus far, here is the platform breakdown: Windows 76%, Mac 16%, Linux 7%. That Windows number is pretty consistent with ColdFusion use in general, but the Mac number is far greater than what we’ve seen before, and is great to see.

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  1. Ken Dunnington Avatar
    Ken Dunnington

    A big "Thanks!" to Adobe for making CF8 a first class citizen on the Mac! It’s a great platform to both use and develop on.

  2. Yves Custeau Avatar
    Yves Custeau

    Now that CF8 Server is a first class citizen on the Mac I’d like to see the same efforts put on having Adobe providing developer tools that provide a consistent feature set across platforms…
    CF ReportBuiler 8 not available on Macs at all….
    Many Flexbuilder features disabled on Macs (query, many wizards)
    I had to pay for Parallels and Windows XP (300$ total) to create reports with the FREE ReportBuilder. 😉
    I know about the legacy Borland tools and Homesite genes to these tools have but hey.. time to move on !!
    CF ReportBuilder built on Flex and/or AIR ???? Hummmm
    BTW: CF8 Server rocks big time on Macs

  3. Alex Hubner Avatar
    Alex Hubner

    I just hope that this is not related to that stupid (but very frequent – thanks to some ""journalists"") idea that "ColdFusion is a programming language for designers"… 😀

  4. Dale Fraser Avatar
    Dale Fraser

    The most interesting thing here is that leaves 1% or less for the combined Solaris & AIX.
    I’ve said before that CF team’s efforts here are a waste of time. I can relate the upturn in Mac numbers to one thing, Intel Mac’s. A whole new breed of users are now buying Mac’s as they can run both OSX and Windows on the one machine.
    So we can really thank Microsoft for that. Lucky that Microsoft don’t make computers or they would care. Apple care and won’t allow Mac OSX to run on an Intel PC as it would hurt their Hardware sales a lot.

  5. m@ Avatar

    so what are the numbers?

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