CF8 Beta Blowing Away Expectations

I just saw the ColdFusion 8 public beta download numbers for the first week since it went up on Labs. I can’t share actual numbers, but I can tell you that in that first week we had more downloads than what we had expected overall for the entire public beta period! Awesome!

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  1. Dave Cordes Avatar
    Dave Cordes

    Congratulations to you and the entire Adobe team that worked so hard on this release. It’s great to be a ColdFusion developer now more than ever!

  2. David Avatar

    I have to say Ben – it’s blowing away MY expectations. Combined with the great resources, and free hosting from Host My Site, I can personally say that I’ve been hitting the ground running.
    Thanks, and keep up the good work 🙂

  3. John Farrar Avatar
    John Farrar

    Must be because it is still free as a beta for now. Imagine if it shipped that way!

  4. Jeff J Avatar
    Jeff J

    Any word on upgrade protection for people who need to buy CF MX licenses soon?

  5. Mikkel Johansen Avatar
    Mikkel Johansen

    Any stastistics on how many downloads from Europe or maybe in Scandinavia?
    – percentage is ok – since the number of downloads is a secret.
    Right now I have only seen very few news on danish online news sites about the release of CF 8 public beta. And those few articles are not very long and interessting stuff to read 🙁

  6. Adrien Lyon Avatar
    Adrien Lyon

    Ben, the new ColdFusion release is an awesome achievement to say the least. I do have a question however which you might be able to shed some light on. Whats happening with the new release of JRun? Its been over a year now since there was a beta program for the new JRun release. Is Scorpio built on this new JRun server and can we still expect a new release of JRun anytime soon?

  7. Ben Forta Avatar
    Ben Forta

    Jeff, no pricing anything discussed yet. But, if you do buy, be sure to buy subscription then you’ll get any updates as they come out.
    Mikkel, I don’t have any regional stats, sorry.
    Adrien, there is no new release of JRun. There have been updaters, and those are all included in the JRun in CF8.
    — Ben

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