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  1. This is great to see. Another one of the big boy’s jumping in to show support for the CF platform. I’ve already read through some of the articles, can’t wait to read them all. The more tools the better. Thanks for your posts Ben!

  2. Another nail in the coffin for a dying language, eh Ben :-p
    This it great – thanks for sharing!

  3. Two things…
    1. Can someone get yahoo to add this in the sidebar now?
    2. Will you guys quit whinning about the CF isn’t Dead rant. We live in a dumb world. Some people run around thinking CF is dead, and the same people still believe Elvis is alive! You just can’t help them… let it go.

  4. John,
    Just a bit of North-West European dry wit – not whining, and nothing to get all wound up about. I just thought it hilarious that the "CF is dead" article made it in an other-wise respectible IT journal appeared RIGHT BEFORE the beta of CF8 was released. I LOVE irony 🙂
    ….and what a Beta it is 😉

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